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Osmo’s revolutionary hydration and recovery products are based on peer-reviewed science, athlete input and the pioneering work of exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Dr. Stacy Sims, An athlete herself, Dr. Sims first tested the products on herself and her teammates. After more than a decade of lab research and beta testing with professional cyclists, triathletes and racecar drivers, Osmo was created.

The science is simple. Hydration, which refers to the maintenance of water in your blood, is critical to maximizing power, endurance and reduce fatigue. When you’re thirsty, you’ve already lost two percent of your body water—and 11 percent of your power.

There are no artificial ingredients or added fillers in Osmo’s products. Just like the science of hydration, they’ve kept it simple, using only what the body needs. I thought this science needed to be tested.

With the help of the UK distributors NinePointNine I have been using OSMO products for the last two months. It felt a little strange at first to be concentrating on hydration rather than fueling myself with the normal sweet tasting energy drinks, but you soon get used to the natural slightly salty taste. It actually becomes obvious that you are replacing what the body needs as opposed to introducing products that can in reality dehydrate you and have a negative effect your performance.

Not only did I find myself drinking more offten during exercise, but I feel more recovered and ready to train again when the next session comes around. A bonus is the amazing taste of the Vanilla flavoured Active Recovery, when mixed with almond or coconut milk its a real treat after a hard workout.

I race abroad every season and the high temeratures and humidity are a real challenge to an athlete from the UK. I am looking forward to testing the products later in the year where these conditions will highlight the effectiveness of the science. The pre-load hydration product should be a real advantage as it helps maximise sustained power output and boost anaerobic performance whilst reducing muscle fatigue, sounds good to me lets give it a go!!

The following link has some very simple and effective videos that explain the science much better than I ever could. OSMO is also the only nutrition product on the market that is specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of both men and women with a dedicated range for each.

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