Brighton Big Dog 6 hr MTB Enduro

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Brighton Big Dog 20th August

I took part in the Brighton Big Dog on Saturday. The race is a six hour MTB enduro event held in Stanmer Park Brighton.

Team Captain of Geared Bikes Chris Dobson had asked myself and Welsh MTB Wizzard Dafydd Hollis to join him as part of a three man team. Saturday dawned bright and sunny which was in complete contrast to last years torrential rain, which made the course treacherous. I was really looking forward to riding this fantastic course in dry and dusty conditions, as it should make for exciting racing. It was also the first race outing for my new Cannondale Flash 29er which had really impressed me in training.

12 noon was the start and Chris was first rider out of the blocks, he made a great start with a fast lap of 40:30 negotiating the inevitable initial traffic on the course. Next up was Dafydd who put in a stunning lap of 34:54 to really give me something to live up to! Now it was my turn, off I went up the initial grassy climb and onto the course proper. The lap was so much fun with steep rooty climbs, super fast swoopy singletrack and technical descents and bomb holes….magic! Back into the arena and the hand over to Chris, 40:33 happy with that grin. I had problems with air burping from my front tyre on my next lap which put the pressure on, but my team mates dug deep to keep us in the race. Nearing the end of the race and it was all about getting me out for a last lap and back in under the six o’clock cut off time. Dafydd pulled another great lap out of the bag giving me a chance to complete the lap. That last lap really hurt and I dug deep into my reserves, I had decided not to look at my watch and just give it everything. Out of the darkness of the trees and the final ‘Bomb hole of doom’, into the sunny arena and a sprint for the line. I managed 43:19 and 3:04 under the cut off.

This placed us 2nd in the team event with 9 laps completed in 5:56:56. A podium to end the day.

I can’t compliment my Flash 29er enough it really is an amazing bike.

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