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Compressport UK are my new compression wear sponsor for next year. I first became aware of Compressport products while racing the Xterra European Tour this year. A number of top triathletes who I admired were sporting their products while racing and recovering post race. These included Britains own Emma Ruth-Smith and LLewellyn Holmes, but also the King of Xterra Franky Batelier from France. A bit of research with the athletes and via the web confirmed what I suspected, that this product was at the forefront of compression technology. My research also led me to discover a number of other athletes outside of Xterra also championed the product, including Chrissie Wellington, Marcel Zamora and Tim Berkel enough said!

So it was with excitement that I sent off my sporting credentials and athlete bio in the hope that compressport would come on board and help me with my sporting journey. Bingo, they did!

Right, now lets get down to the nitty gritty - DO THEY WORK - well the answer to that in my opinion is undoubtedly YES. I have trained raced and recovered in their products since I received them in November and I am beyond impressed.

I have been using the Ultra Silicone Calf Guards for racing which have really helped a troublesome achilles. They are somewhat of a faff to get on, but that is because the fit is so good and once on they are incredibly comfortable. The new F-Like full leg compression has been great in training. It makes a great leg warmer under bib shorts for the bike or worn on a long run. I normally get too hot with full leg cover and these are perfect. Now, finally my favorite product, not necessarily the best as that would go to the US Calf Gaurds. The new Compressport full sock are nothing short of amazing, I have literally lived in them after training and on recovery days. They are supportive without being over tight, and warm without being hot. I have worn them in bed, in the car, on a plane, on the sofa, at the office, you’ve guessed it I am wearing them now….probably the only place they haven’t been is in the bath.

So now I feel like I have a new pair of legs, I just need to concentrate on the rest of my body.

Thanks Tim!

To see the full range and get yours check out the web link below.

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